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Our mission: provide honest cost effective reliable IT consulting services by promoting technology as a business asset not a problem.

Discover a new fresh approach to tech consulting in Austin and San Antonio Texas. Develop eAgile, LLC wants to help Austin and San Antonio small to medium business secure data while providing effective process development ultimately enabling end users to do more with less using Microsoft and VMware applications. Automating database process either in Microsoft or open source code will streamline your business while reducing errors. This is what we are good at. We inventory your current technology assets and in most cases develop automated data and network solutions with your current infrastructure. Approaching technology with a recycle approach will provide the biggest return on investment. If you have no infrastructure, we can help build on any cloud storage service. There are advantages for small business moving to Microsoft or VMware cloud storage including a Pay-As-You-Go pricing structure. Registering for our free IT consultation will allow us to map out a strategic IT road map providing you the best network solution for the future.

The free consult is truely a free network solution service for your company that provides ideas for process improvement and the line items to reach the goal. There are many ways to success, but not all are cost focused. We want our Austin and San Antonio Texas Microsoft, VMware and open source technology services to provide return on investment with the best network solutions. Large businesses have figured this out by increasing IT staff and reducing the repetitive process work force. Develop eAgile, LLC wants to help Austin and San Antonio Texas small and medium sized company cut cost and improve process with technology.

Mobile workforce real-time database tablet data entry

Microsoft or open source database real-time questions:

- Does your company want to enter data in the field?

- Do you want to convert your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to a real-time database?

- Do you want real-time company reports?

- Do you want company users to have real-time data and files?

Real-time mobile workforce Microsoft or open source database solutions:

Real-time, mobile-workforce, cloud storage

Austin and San Antonio Texas companies if you answered yes to any of the above real-time mobile workforce questions, Develop eAgile, LLC Austin and San Antonio Texas IT consulting company can help . We develop cloud database solutions with open source, VMware and Microsoft applications for any mobile workforce network solution. Tablets are enabling Austin and San Antonio companies to enter real-time data in the field that will minimize errors, and give your management staff information to solve problems real-time. You will enable staff to work from home and reduce overhead costs with cloud storage mobile tablet network solutions. If you don't want to spend money on tablet mobile bandwidth for real-time data, no problem. Develop eAgile, LLC develops offline databases that will syncronize automatically once your mobile workforce tablet has a bandwidth connection to the cloud. Develop eAgile, LLC either uses Microsoft SQL Server merge services or will create open source xml files that imports to the database automatically. We solve data problems!

The owner at Develop eAgile, LLC built the real-time Microsoft and open source database tracking system for one of Texas organ procurement organizations mobile workforce. The database system was certified by all government regulatory agencies and is still in use today.